Why I read Blogs…

I’m making a commitment to myself. Every morning when I am having breakfast, I will read blogs.

Why blogs? Because they are interesting, thought provoking, subjective and (mostly) independent.

Rather than the old days where you would sit down eat brekkie and relax and read the paper, (that is such a juxtaposition to me…I don’t think I have ever ‘relaxed’ while I read the paper) I prefer to read interesting and not necessarily negative stories from independent sources.

Folks I tell that I don’t read the paper or watch the news are mainly horrified that I may miss something and don’t I want to be informed???…. We all must be informed! Then they will continue with the news of the latest atrocity (that I can realistically do nothing about) and I say to them “See I don’t need to watch or read the news, someone is always willing to keep me informed, especially when I tell them I don’t ‘do’ the news”.  It’s a great strategy for me. Tell people I don’t watch the news and they will automatically tell me what I have missed. Result. I’m informed.

There are terrible things happening in the world, and it is sad. However, if there is nothing I can realistically do about it why would I want to bombard myself with it all. If I can do something I will… but there is no point in me completely depressing myself (which will happen) and putting myself in a crap state so that I don’t even have the energy to do anything constructive that may be positive for the world. As Dr Wayne Dyer said (this is not verbatim) ‘No one could ever become sick enough to heal someone else’.

I’ve learnt some awesome stuff from blogs like the concept of the ‘shit sandwich’ https://markmanson.net/life-purpose

Interesting ways of thinking from Vlogs like Marie Forleo TV featuring Seth Rogen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtfvZ_KOiZY

Hard core wisdom from blogs and podcasts of Danielle Laporte http://www.daniellelaporte.com/what-to-do-after-breakthrough/

Interesting stats on happiness http://www.inc.com/quora/the-happiest-people-dont-let-their-minds-wander-according-to-a-harvard-study.html

Feminist ballbreaker Clem Ford (love her)


And musings of aspiring writer Oscar


There are so many blogs, vlogs and podcasts to read, watch and listen to, do yourself a favour and partake! Try going a whole week without reading or watching the news and check out what the writers, creators and inspirers of the world are saying instead. Don’t worry if you feel that sick feeling in your stomach because you ‘won’t be informed’ just tell someone you ‘aren’t watching the news’ and you will soon know what’s ‘really’ going on in the world cos they will tell you…to keep you informed.

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